Friday, February 17, 2012

Cuba links and news

Here are a few Cuba-related links, news and upcoming events that I hope you find interesting and informative.

1. 'Yes I Can' - The Cuban approach to adult literacy in Wilcannia

ABC News Online has an article about the piloting of a Cuban literacy program in Wilcannia, in the Western region of NSW. The pilot program, based on a revolutionary Cuban education method called 'Yo Si Puedo', or 'Yes I Can', is expected to mirror the impressive results the campaign has enjoyed in countries such as Nicaragua, East Timor and the Dominican Republic. It is hoped that, after a successful campaign in Wilcannia, the program will be picked up throughout Australia.

The Aboriginal Adult Literacy Campaign was launched in Wilcannia yesterday. (Noah Schutlz-Byard)
(Noah Schutlz-Byard)

 2. How Cuba mobilises to defeat public health emergencies

The LINKS International Journal of Socialist Renewal has an article on the Cuban response to public health emergencies. The article finds that Cuban-style public health features mass mobilisation to stop the spread of disease before it takes hold.
"Cuba has experienced more than half a century of mobilisation campaigns like current efforts to control dengue. Soon after the 1959 revolution Cuba mobilised the literacy campaign which sent teachers and students to every corner of the island to teach citizens to read and write. Every hurricane season, the neighbourhood Committees for Defence of the Revolution (CDRs) are prepared to move the elderly, sick and mentally ill to higher ground if an evacuation is necessary. Campaigns against diseases like polio and dengue have made Cubans used to the government bringing public health efforts into their homes."


3. Afro Latino Festival 2012

The NSW Spanish and Latin American Association forSocial Assistance is inviting you tocelebrate the common cultural heritage of the Latin American and Africancommunities being presented through a lively showcase of cultural performances,live music, food and dance at the Afro Latino Festival, 11am – 6pm, Saturday 3rdMarch 2012 at the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre.

For more informationabout the Festival visit: or!/AfroLatinoFest. For inquiries about theAfro Latino Festival contact Laura Luna, 0411 328 063, For media comment contact Carlos Encina, Ph. 9724-2220, mob. 0414 825 085;

4. COMAU Awards Eureka Prizes in Havana

The director of the National Center for Sex Education, Master of Science Mariela Castro, and Havana City Historian Eusebio Leal, received the Eureka Award for academic excellence recently in Havana, Cuba. The award, granted by the World Council of University Academicians (COMAU), was handed over by its president, US professor Todd Fletcher, during the closing ceremony of the 33rd World Meeting of the organization, held at the “Lazaro Peña” Theater Havana.

5. May Day Brigade to Cuba

The 7th May Day Brigade to Cuba will be held this year from 22 April to 6 May 2012. The international brigade group's program includes visits to historical, economical,cultural and social places, not only in Havanabut also in other provinces, lectures about national issues as well as meetingswith representatives of Cuban organizations. Anyone interested in going on the May Day Brigade should email

6. Diego Maradona visit to Australia

Diego Maradona, the world famous football star will visit Australia to tell his life story. He will be appearing in Sydney on 29 May 2012. Diego famously went to Cuba to receive treatment for drug addiction and has been a strong Cuba supporter around the world. For more information, visit

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