Sunday, February 28, 2016

Public meeting Thursday 31 March 2016:

Adult Literacy

The Cuban ‘Yes, I Can!’ Literacy Campaign in Australia

Why has a Cuba-inspired campaign achieved such outstanding success where government schooling and adult courses have largely failed?

Hear about the campaign from these Aboriginal and Cuban speakers:

Jack Beetson is an Ngemba man, an Aboriginal leader and head of the Literacy for Life Foundation.

José Chala Leblanch is a Cuban educator from the Cuban Institute of Pedagogy for Latin America and the Caribbean and is advisor to the ‘Yes, I Can!’ Aboriginal Adult Literacy Campaign.

Yexenia Calzado is from the Asia & Oceania department of ICAP, the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples.

Mary Waites is a Ngemba woman and is the Campaign Coordinator in Brewarrina.

Up to 60% of Aboriginal adults living in rural and remote areas have functional illiteracy in English. The ‘Yes, I Can!’ (!Yo, Sí Puedo!) Aboriginal Adult Literacy Campaign, organised by the Literacy for Life Foundation, began in Wilcannia in 2012 with Cuban advisor, José Chala. Already, after the first pilots of the campaign, more than 100 Aboriginal adults from the Murdi Paaki region in western NSW have graduated.

The campaign draws on the successful mass literacy campaign in Cuba in 1961 as part of the popular social revolution there from 1959. The ‘Yes, I Can’ campaign has been used in 29 countries to help 8 million people develop basic literacy skills.

5.30pm Thurs 31 March
Lecture Theatre 104, New Law School
Eastern Ave, Sydney University

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